Retirement Planning for the Self Employed

Retirement Planning for the Self-Employed Introduction 2 Take Stock of Your Present Situation 2 Retirement Benefit Plans for the Self-Employed 3 Common Retirement Planning Errors 5 The Retirement Obstacles Created by Self-Employment 7 Advantages of Being Self-Employed 8 Conclusion 9 Introduction If you are employed by a company, one of the perceived disadvantages of self-employment is the lack of benefits, especially those involving retirement. Those who are self-employed often bemoan the lack of retirement plans and benefits available to them. However, there are many retirement benefits available to those who work for themselves. In some cases, these benefits are [...]

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Live the Best Year of Your Life

Live the Best Year of Your LifeIntroductionYou may have tried to change your life before without much success. However, with an effective process, it’s possible to achieve more in a single year than most manage to achieve in a lifetime.Most New Year’s resolutions are little more than wish lists with no chance of success. In fact, the average person forgets all about their resolution within a few weeks.Setting goals is a powerful process, but only if done correctly. There’s much more to be done than making a list of desires and then waiting passively for them to be delivered.Your current life [...]

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Investment Strategies to Grow Your Income

Investment Strategies to Grow Your IncomePart 1 – Income-Producing Investment Strategies 2Introduction 2Variable Income Investment Strategies 2Predictable Income Strategies 3Guaranteed Investment Strategies 4Which Strategy is Right for You? 5Part 2 – Practical Tips for Investing in Income-Producing Instruments 6Investing in Bonds 6Investing in Bond Funds 7General Investing Tips 8Conclusion 9Part 1 – Income-Producing Investment StrategiesIntroductionWhile it’s wise to have a concern for increasing your assets, you may also wish to focus on using your investments to augment your income.For example, if you inherited a valuable piece of artwork worth $1 million, you could hang it on your wall and increase your [...]

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Commodities Investing Is It Right For You

Commodities Investing: Is It Right For You?IntroductionCommodities are goods used in commerce. Traditionally, commodities have included goods such as crude oil, gas, grains, metals, or coffee. However, goods such as foreign currencies, internet bandwidth, or even cell phone minutes are now considered commodities as well.Commodities are popular investments due to the high demand for these goods. However, there are several risks associated with investing in commodities. There are also a few downsides that might not make this type of investment a good addition to your portfolio.Commodities are not for every investor, but they can yield high returns if you pick lucrative [...]

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Set Your Teenager Up For Success by Teaching Financial Literacy

Set Your Teenager Up For Success by Teaching Financial LiteracyIntroductionThere are only a few things that are guaranteed to make anyone’s life harder. The most common include:Choosing the wrong spouseNot paying attention to your health as you ageFinancial challengesThe vast majority of financial challenges are avoidable. But most teenagers lack the basic literacy to avoid the most common financial difficulties. As a parent, teaching your child about money in general, budgeting, debt, credit, and investing can be some of the most important lessons you provide.Imagine if you knew everything you know about money when you were 18 that you know now. [...]

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How to Survive a Financial Apocalypse

How to Survive a Financial ApocalypseSigns of an Impending Financial ApocalypseThe world has become a global village and economic events anywhere on the planet can impact the world economy. In the recent past, we’ve witnessed a series of events leading to economic recession in the US and its impact was felt across the world, bringing down other nations like the UK, Japan, France, and Greece to their knees. Major economies of the world are facing increasing fiscal deficits, high rates of unemployment, rising inflation, the collapse of banking systems, demand and supply anomalies, political uncertainty and more. Are we heading for [...]

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Take Control of Your Finances With A 30 Day Step by Step Plan

Take Control of Your FinancesWith A 30-Day, Step-by-Step Plan"Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it."- Robert KiyosakiDo you feel like your circumstances have taken control of your financial life? Are you living paycheck to paycheck, just barely making it as long as things go well for you?What happens when the air conditioner goes out, the car breaks down, or the fridge goes on the fritz? If these inevitable financial hiccups have the power to turn into major crises, or set you back so far that it takes forever to catch back up again, then [...]

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Become a Self-Made Millionaire by Following These 9 Practices

If you aren't lucky enough to inherit a million dollars, you'll have to create wealth on your own. Relatively few millionaires inherit their wealth, so you're in good company. Most millionaires didn't become wealthy by doing anything spectacular. They simply have a useful set of habits that they stick to religiously. Start on the path to becoming a self-made millionaire: 1. Deal with uncertainty. Most millionaires don't have a "regular job" and are forced to deal with more uncertainty than average income earners. Be comfortable with uncertainty. 2. Pay yourself before you pay your bills. Save at least 10% of your [...]

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Manifesting Wealth and Abundance

Manifesting wealth and abundance begins from within. You have to appreciate what you have in your life already - your family, friends, and job - instead of focusing on what you wish you had. Often people waste precious time thinking about what they don't have. They start to believe their lives will improve if only they had more money, or more friends, or more gadgets. They think about what's lacking instead of the abundance that is already overflowing into their life. Positive Thinking Brings Abundance If you appreciate what you have, you'll be inspired to take the necessary actions to bring [...]

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Become a 401(k) Millionaire by Avoiding These Mistakes

It's quite easy to become a 401(k) millionaire if you get started early enough. It's also important to avoid making silly mistakes. Fewer people are able to retire at 65 than at any time in recent history. 30.8% of those over the age of 65 are working to make ends meet. With a 401(k) and some diligence, you can avoid becoming one those forced to work in your senior years. Become a 401(k) millionaire by following a few simple rules: 1. Get the full company match. Every company is different. Some match 50% of the first 4% of your income contributed [...]

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