Who Else Wants to Double Their Productivity with One Simple Technique?

How many times have you resolved to go on a diet or look for a more rewarding job only to find yourself back to your old habits within a few days? While you may be motivated to make positive changes in your life, it's also important to use strategies that will make you more productive. Fortunately, there is a quick and simple technique that provides dramatic results at no cost. The secret is to make your goals more concrete. For example, New York University psychologist Peter Gollwitzer experimented with how to make students more likely to complete an assignment. He found [...]

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5 Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

If you have a habit of setting resolutions at the beginning of the year and then abandoning them a few days later, now is your chance to try something different. Imagine how the course of your life could change for the better if you followed through on your resolutions until you achieved your goals! Change Your Thinking It's very possible to overcome your habit of giving up on New Year's resolutions with a few basic tips. Above all else, avoid regarding your resolutions as something to aspire to and then forgetting them when they no longer seem pertinent or interesting. New [...]

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Turn Your Big Dreams Into Bigger Realities

Are your big dreams attainable possibilities or wishful thinking? Even if your answer is "wishful thinking," there are ways you can take your dreams out of that category and put them into the realm of possibilities. In fact, you're most likely more equipped to convert dreams into reality than you ever thought you were! Use these effective strategies in your life to reap the rewards of living those big dreams for real: 1. Want it for the right reasons. Before you go off chasing big dreams, stop and ask yourself, "Do I really want this for me?" Sometimes, it's so easy [...]

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Create Process Goals and Enjoy Greater Success

Would you choose a vacation destination and then sit around your house until it was time to go back to work? If that sounds silly, think about the times you thought about losing weight or finding a more fulfilling job but didn’t take the steps necessary to achieve what you wanted. In the vacation scenario, strategy may not be a big deal because your motivation is high, and obstacles are few. However, when you're pursuing more challenging goals, it’s important to think about the process as well as the outcomes. Enjoy more success by changing your approach to goal setting. Learn [...]

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Warren Buffett’s 2-List Strategy to Prioritize and Focus

Warren Buffett is famous for being incredibly wealthy and giving good advice. One of Buffett’s most famous pieces of advice is commonly referred to as the 2-List Strategy or the 25:5 List Strategy. It’s simple, but effective. Let’s look at how it works. How many goals do you have right now? If you’re honest, you probably don’t have any. On the other hand, having 10 goals isn’t an optimal strategy either. This is where Buffett’s idea fits in. Follow this process to use Buffet’s 2-List Strategy to prioritize your goals and focus your energy: 1. List the top 25 goals you’d [...]

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What is Visualization?

There are many tools you can use to help you live the life of your dreams. Opening your mind to different techniques can help you make big changes in how you approach your future and reach your goals. Many people use visualization to inspire and motivate them. More than just thinking about what you want, visualization is an effective tool that harnesses the power of your subconscious mind to help you achieve your wildest dreams. Your mind has an amazing ability to create your reality, and visualization is a key to creating the reality you desire. Our thoughts, like everything, are [...]

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How to Become a Visionary Person

Have you always wondered how to become a visionary person? It's important to understand that having a vision is different than actually being a visionary. The person who possesses vision is one who sees potential developments and events that may occur in the future. The visionary, on the other hand, is a person who produces a particular outcome based on thoughts and goals that once only resided in their minds. The visionary is the one who takes action to make the vision become a reality. Here you will learn some helpful tips on how to become a visionary person. The Mindset [...]

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Discover Your Power By Knowing Your Intentions

Discover Your Power by Knowing Your IntentionsAlthough we’re all trying to make it through life, it’s interesting to contemplate how conscious we are about what we’re doing and the direction we’re headed. Reflecting on what you’re going to do next helps you plan for and accomplish your goals. When you intend to do something, you’re much more likely to do it. Do you know your intentions?Here are some reasons why you might want to figure yours out today:Intentions are powerful. When you intend to do something, you begin to set up your time and situations so you can make it happen. [...]

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Create A Vision Board And Reach Your Goals

Create a Vision Board and Reach Your GoalsA vision board can be a wonderful tool for reminding yourself about your goals each day. One of the most challenging parts of achieving goals is sticking with them. It’s easy to become distracted, lose hope, or even forget about them. A vision board is a solution for all of these challenges.Regular use of a vision board keeps your goals fresh in your mind. Using a vision board also associates positive feelings with the achievement of your goals.Nearly anything can serve as a vision board. Ideally, your vision board will be portable enough to [...]

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Thinking Big in Work and Life

Do you feel like your life is mediocre? Are you less than happy with your current state of affairs? Perhaps your goals are too small. Have you ever considered that maybe you could be and do much more than you’re currently demonstrating? Thinking big is your ticket to a new life! Consider these ideas: 1. Avoid contentment. Have you ever noticed that when your life takes a dip below what you consider acceptable, you’ll work like crazy to restore the normal balance of your life? ◦ For example, you’ll do plenty to replace your lost salary if you lose your job. [...]

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