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Financial Therapy Change Your Money Beliefs And Change Your Life

Financial Therapy:Change Your Money Beliefs and Change Your Life How Your Beliefs Create and Limit Your Financial Reality 3What it Takes to Achieve a State of Financial Health 4Negative Money Beliefs 6Positive Money Beliefs 7How to Change a Belief 8Neuro-Linguistic Programming 9Change a Belief With Logic 10Cost – Benefit Analysis 11A Simple Plan of Action 13Conclusion 14"Change your thoughts and you change your world."- Norman Vincent PealeIf your life is one financial challenge after another, financial therapy might be just what the doctor ordered. Over 75% of Americans list money as their primary source of stress. Financial therapy is a growing [...]

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5 Steps To Develop A Wealth Mindset

5 STEPS TO DEVELOP A WEALTH MINDSETThere are many ways to improve your money mindset. Doing so will ensure that your financial situation is forever improving and developing a wealth mindset will ensure that you build your wealth.To help maintain your new wealth mindset, each week, re-examine your beliefs, attitudes, and actions regarding your money situations and repeat this process for any slips back to your old, ineffective mindset. Improving your mindset is the first step to increasing your wealth. You mindset ultimately determines the opportunities you will recognize and create, as well as determining your ability to capitalize upon them. [...]

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25 METHODSto Change Your Relationship with Moneylthough you may not realize it, you have a relationship with your finances. Think about it: when you get paid, how do you feel? When you spend money, what emotions are involved? An important aspect of living a secure, abundant financial life is having a healthy relationship with your money. Put these methods in to place to change your relationship with money for the better:Adopt a “Start Today” attitude. Say to yourself, “Starting today, my goal will be to improve my relationship with money.” Then, maintain that focus throughout the day.
Shift your paradigm. Convince yourself [...]


A Checklist For Finding And Eliminating An Unsupportive Financial Belief

[Joshua – please use check-boxes. Thanks!]A Checklist for Finding and Eliminating an Unsupportive Financial BeliefChanging your beliefs around money and your personal finances can dramatically change your life. Financial stress is among the top stressors faced in life. Getting this part of your life under control provides many benefits. These benefits include peace of mind, opportunity, and the ability to deal with life’s challenges more easily.Apply this checklist to facilitate changing any challenging money beliefs you may hold:Determine the part of your financial life that is causing the greatest challenge. A few examples include: income, savings, investments, paying bills on time, [...]

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6 Negative Money Beliefs And Their More Helpful Alternatives

[Joshua – I like the negative beliefs in red (for stop) & the positive beliefs in green (for go).]6 Negative Money Beliefs and Their More Helpful AlternativesNegative beliefs about money are especially damaging. Negative beliefs will stop you from taking the necessary action to achieve financial stability and abundance. Recognizing these beliefs and adopting more useful alternatives can bring about financial change.Avoid allowing these negative beliefs to inhibit your financial life:Replace your negative money beliefs with more helpful alternatives. This is the first step toward financial abundance. Get started today! Avoid frustration and approach one belief at a time.

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Boost Your Financial Success With Meditation

Meditation and financial success might appear to be in separate worlds, but meditation can be very helpful for dealing with financial pressure and reaching new levels of financial success. Meditation might be the missing link you need to reach your financial objectives. It can be that powerful. Achieve your financial goals with meditation: 1. Find a quiet spot and put yourself in a comfortable position you can maintain for at least 30 minutes. A quiet place at home is easiest. With practice, you can learn to meditate on a noisy subway. Find a comfortable seated position. 2. Spend the first few [...]

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Money Habits That Can Keep You Poor

Just as there are habits that will make you rich, there are others that will make you poor. Habits aren't always easy to break, but when you see the damage caused by these common practices, you'll be motivated to get them out of your life! Here are seven common money habits that can prevent positive progress: 1. Not having a budget. Everyone needs a budget, even if they're making a million dollars a year. Spending money is easy, no matter how much you have. If you don't set some parameters, things can get out of control in a hurry. * Sit [...]

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Common Money Beliefs That Aren’t True

It's not the things you don't know, but rather the incorrect things you believe, that cause many of the real challenges in life. A few errors in your thinking can be a detriment to your finances. Enhancing your understanding of money and personal finances is an effective way to get on the path to prosperity. Avoid these money myths: 1. Income equals wealth. People that make more have a tendency to spend more. Lottery winners are notorious for losing everything. Many of the families that earn over $1 million per year manage to outspend their income. You can earn a very [...]

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Trying to Build Wealth? Beware of These Strategies

Who doesn't want more money? Even people with billions of dollars seem preoccupied with trying to get even richer. But why do some people seem to acquire money easily while others really struggle? I'm sure you've noticed that many financially successful people aren't particularly talented. The difference is that they're spending their time on productive and profitable things. At the end of the day, people are paid in relation the amount of value they provide. To receive money, you simply must be creating value in some way. There are many ways to provide value; just think of all the things in [...]

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Acquire a Wealth Mindset by Doubling Your Way to a Million Dollars

Here's a simple game that can take you from absolute poverty to real wealth. In fact, all you need is a penny to get started. Even if you don't have a cent to your name, you can still try this out; almost anyone will give you a penny if you ask for one. The program is deceptively simple; you merely acquire a penny and then continue to double the amount of money in your possession until you have a million dollars. Even if you have significantly more than a penny to start with, you'll actually learn a lot more by starting [...]

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