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How To Survive A Financial Apocalypse

How to Survive a Financial ApocalypseSigns of an Impending Financial ApocalypseThe world has become a global village and economic events anywhere on the planet can impact the world economy. In the recent past, we’ve witnessed a series of events leading to economic recession in the US and its impact was felt across the world, bringing down other nations like the UK, Japan, France, and Greece to their knees. Major economies of the world are facing increasing fiscal deficits, high rates of unemployment, rising inflation, the collapse of banking systems, demand and supply anomalies, political uncertainty and more. Are we heading for [...]

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5 Steps To Protect Your Finances During A Financial Apocalypse

5 Steps to Protect Your Finances During a Financial ApocalypseSmart investment planning will go a long way to protect your finances against a possible Apocalypse. Take action fast to avoid a situation when all your savings vanish overnight and you are left stranded and bankrupt.Here are five key ways that you can protect your assets and feel more secure during a financial crisis.

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Learn About Impending Financial Chaos and How to Reduce its Impact

It has become progressively more evident that the U.S. economy is heading towards utter destruction. Let's look at some of the clues: * Local governments nationwide are simply coming apart at the seams. Watch your local newscasts and every few days, at least, there are reports of government credit ratings being downgraded and others looking for ways to avert bankruptcy. * Recently, the federal government has accrued the largest amount of debt in world history. * We buy more products annually from the rest of the world than they would ever purchase from us, causing us to plummet further and further [...]

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Your Debt, Your Job, and the Financial Apocalypse

It's no secret that your debt and your job are closely connected. Unless you're one of the lucky few who are totally debt-free, one of the reasons you work is probably so you can pay your debts. The prosperous and thriving economy that we've been enjoying for decades has turned into recession. But if you think things are tough now, how will you make it when times truly become difficult to live in? What do you think will happen if the financial apocalypse hits? Will your debts still follow you? Probably so. Unless there is total breakdown of all communications and [...]

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Financial Ruin: Are You Ready For It?

When the economy begins taking a turn for the worst, knowing what to do to survive is absolutely essential, and this can change depending on the conditions you find yourself in. In any scenario, though, saving up enough money and resources for basic sustenance is the first step. This preparation will reduce your dependency on your job and grocery stores. Ideally, with zero income, your existing savings should be enough to sustain you for at least six months, and even then, it would be better to be able to rely upon alternative income sources to generate additional earnings. When Uncle Sam [...]

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