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Each day, I move closer to my dreams.

My life is filled with possibility and I trust that my heart's deepest longings are on their way. Because of these things, I have the courage to take action. Each day, I move closer to my dreams. Some steps I take are big. I may enroll in a challenging course, take out a loan for my new business, or finish paying off an old debt. Whatever the step, however, I am confident that I am moving toward my highest vision of myself and my life. Other steps are smaller. Just getting through a challenging day with a positive attitude is movement [...]

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Let Your Confidence Shine to Reach Your Goals with Ease

When you're trying to reach your goals, the most important element that determines whether you succeed or fail is your self-confidence. Every worthwhile goal features hurdles and challenges along the way. Self-confidence is the tool that keeps you going in the right direction when the challenges come. Self-assurance helps you climb the mountains and jump the hurdles that stand in the way of the success you deserve. Use these strategies to build the confidence to go after your dreams and encounter success: 1. Keep a record. Begin to keep a record of your successes, no matter how small. Write them in [...]

Let Your Confidence Shine to Reach Your Goals with Ease2020-06-02T09:03:00+00:00

Make Your Dreams Come True Quiz

Module 2 – Make Your Dreams Come True - QuizWhen you’re passionate about what you’re doing:You’ll become tired and ultimately failYou’ll be too distracted to focus properlyYou’ll grow to hate the thing you once lovedYou’ll increase the likelihood of achieving successWhich of the following statements is true?Circumstances don’t control your future.Success largely depends on luck.You must be rich before you can become successful.Where you live largely determines your success.Success depends on which of the following?Blaming othersMaking excusesTaking responsibility for yourselfWishingYou can maintain a positive mindset by _____.Meditating once per monthUsing positive self-talkLooking on the negative side of thingsAll the aboveA positive [...]

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7 Financial Habits That Will Keep You Poor

7 Financial Habits That Will Keep You PoorAre you continually facing financial challenges? You might be keeping yourself poor with habits you didn’t even realize were contributing to your situation. Dropping the habits that are keeping you poor is an effective first step toward enhancing your security and financial future. Make the decision to drop these financial habits from your life:Failure to create an adequate emergency fund. There’s no better prevention for financial disaster than an emergency fund that covers at least 3 months of living expenses. A short period of unemployment or a single, unexpected, major bill can be financially [...]

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Module 2 Summary And Reflection

Module 2 Summary and ReflectionYou can gain inspiration from successful people from all walks of life. Whether it’s media moguls, famous speakers, businessmen and women, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, or sports figures, successful people know what it takes to be a winner.Discovering your passion, having faith, taking responsibility for your own life, and thinking positive will help you begin your journey toward success. When you take action, embrace failure and recognize opportunities right in front of you, you’ll continue your path to achieving your goals. Finding mentors, confronting and resolving obstacles, and realizing you’re on a journey will all aid you in [...]

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Effective Goal-Setting Step-by-Step

Most of us have a vague idea of what we'd like to accomplish, but few have true, concrete goals. A goal is analogous to a target. Without a goal, you're just drifting along hoping for things to improve. With a goal, you have a definite direction and purpose. Though we've all been told how important targets are, few of us have ever been given specific directions regarding how to formulate an effective goal. Give your goal these characteristics and you'll be on your way to success: 1. Specific. Acquiring a new car isn't specific. Acquiring a 2015, silver Honda Civic with [...]

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I Am Living My Dreams

I am living my dreams.I live my dreams every day. I wake up each morning with a great sense of enthusiasm and expectation. I know that each day brings me closer to realizing my full potential. I am filled with hope and positive energy.I refrain from allowing doubt to enter my mind. I focus my thoughts on creating the future I desire. I am a creative force in the universe, and the universe provides me with everything I want and need. The world is on my side; I can feel it.When I lose focus, I remember my goals and quickly get [...]

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Financial Detox In Five Steps

Financial Detox in Five StepsDo you often wonder where all your money went at the end of a pay period? Are you living from paycheck to paycheck? Is your spending out of control?If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, a financial detox might be just what you need to get your financial life back on track.A detoxification process doesn’t just apply to your body. It can apply to your finances as well. Detoxification is a good word for the process, as the discomfort and challenges of spending withdrawal can feel quite real, just like a physical detoxification.However, in the [...]

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Inspiration From Winners To Build A Life Youll Love – Checklist

Inspiration From Winners to Build a Life You’ll LoveChecklistThese actions are crucial to helping you create the life you desire – and enjoying the journey. The next time you feel your inspiration waning, take a look at this checklist to see what area you might want to shore up to bring back your enthusiasm.Dare to DreamWe all dream – be open to yours.Choose your dream.Nix the naysayers.Leave fear behind.Make your dream inevitable.Make Your Dreams Come TrueDiscover your passion.Have faith.Take responsibility.Think positive.Take action.Embrace your failures.Recognize opportunity.Find mentors.Confront and resolve obstacles.Enjoy the journey.

Inspiration From Winners To Build A Life Youll Love – Checklist2020-05-31T15:36:00+00:00

Creating a Winning Attitude

Your attitude can make or break you. It's virtually indisputable that your attitude determines how far you'll go in life and a positive mental outlook can help you achieve optimal success. Having a positive mental attitude helps you cope with challenges. When you're put to the test, you're more likely to find your inner strengths to overcome adversity, and that strength just might be your winning attitude. Whether or not you have the tools, skills, knowledge, or resources, your attitude can get you through tough times and come out on top. On the other hand, an attitude filled with negative overtones [...]

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