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SmartWealth Methodology has impacted the lives of hundreds and soon to be thousands of people across the United States.

Who we are

SmartWealth was founded on timeless principles utilized by masters of industries. The OPM Program is being presented to anyone who is willing, daring and brave enough to take control of their own lives.

Never before has this level of content been brought to one place with a complete system that takes our students and partners from poor credit and in debt, to a net worth in the millions utilizing our Daily Passive Income Methodology.

The wealthiest billionaires in the world have the same rule book you do, they just had a better coach.

How we work

Build Relevant Skills

Our courses give you the required skills you need to change WITH the new economy. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is taking jobs away. We show you how to create prosperity that can never be taken away from you and never replaced as long as America stands.

Learn From The Professionals

All of our trainers and partners have an average of 20-35 years in the financial services arena.

Get On The Right Path From The Best Learning Platform

Our learning platform enables you to flow smoothly from topic to topic and lesson to lesson, with relevant quizzes to help you retain pertinent information.

Fearlessly Take Control of Your Life with Our Training

“Financial prosperity can be had, and is not a mystery. The wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world did not have a different rule book, they just had a better coach that actually taught them how to play the game. Most people aren’t even in the same sport….”

– Jeffrey D. Sokol

What Our Students Have to Say

SmartWealth has completely changed the way I look at not only my retirement, but my entire financial life as a whole. This was incredibly eye-opening and showed me possibilities I never could’ve dream’t of before SmartWealth.

Kelvin Black, From Dallas, USA

The SmartWealth Series, truly allowed my eyes to open up on concepts and ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. Financial freedom is easy for people to say, yet few cover the steps and more importantly, lay out the concepts from all angles in order to do so. I would be working the rest of my life, trading Labor for time, if I didn’t come across Jeff Sokol and the SmartWealth Series.

Vincent W., From Philadelphia, PA

I’ve been in the insurance and financial industry for over 20 years, but the actionable concepts introduced here in the SmartWealth Series were mind-blowing and have changed my entire career for the better. I recommend Jeff Sokol’s book “SmartWealth Secrets” to all of my retirement and insurance clients. The knowledge they gain is irreplaceable.

Howard B., From New York, NY